Queen drummer Roger Taylor’s daughter, Tiger Lily Taylor, one of the most active members of that family. She never hesitates to showcase her perfect body on Instagram, and today she blew the fans’ minds with her recent photo.

On Instagram, Tiger Lily has posted a new photo in gym outfits to show her gym-honed body and curves. In the caption area, she didn’t write specific details about what she’s doing these crazy days but added hashtags to show her mood, home workout.

Here’s what she wrote with hashtags:

“Every day, home workouts!”

A fan named Mary commented:

“Wow, you look so hot hot hot! Keep showing us how to do it… Good job!”

A close-friend, Phoebe, left a little comment show her admiration for Lily and wrote:

“Buff 🔥”

Lily responded:

“Miss you mate!”

You can see the Instagram post below.