Pink Floyd icon Roger Waters shared his speech on Steven Donziger’s sentencing day on his Twitter account. He highlighted that people from different races and social classes should be treated as equals in court.

As you may know, Roger Waters is a very dedicated human rights activist and has always shown his support to other activists and organizations. Waters has criticized the Israeli government, the Hunting Act of 2004, and the big corporations polluting the environment.

In addition, as an environmentalist, Waters is a supporter of Steven Donziger, the US indigenous rights campaigner and lawyer, who tried to prevent energy firm Chevron from polluting the Ecuadorian rainforest. The lawyer was sentenced to six months imprisonment due to criminal contempt, and Waters was there to attack this court order.

In his speech, which was posted on his Twitter and released on Youtube, Roger demanded equality for everyone regardless of their skin color and economic status. He emphasized that most people are aware that evil corporations have been violating human rights for a very long time.

Here’s what Roger Waters said:

“All of us, unlike all of those named about believing this truth, that all our brothers and sisters, all over the world irrespective of the color of their skin or the depth of their pockets deserve equal human rights under the law. We have nailed our colors to that mask. We stand under the flag of our solidarity in the fight to protect human rights.

We stand under the rainbow flag that represents our unswerving determination to do the right thing. We do not wear the corporate blinkers that you do Loretta. So, we can plainly see that the corporate emperor you serve has no clothes and so can the public.”

You can check out the tweet and speech below.

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