Pink Floyd’s legendary bass guitarist Roger Waters has shared a really cool video of himself via his official Instagram account, revealing how to play Cream’s ‘Sunshine Of Your Love.’

As you can watch in the video, Roger was teaching the song’s intro part and you can see that he is as good at playing the acoustic guitar as he mastered the bass guitar. Also, you can see how calm he was during the teaching lessons.

Roger Waters didn’t caption anything but the fans were surprised after seeing this cool video from him, and they shared their reactions in the comment section. While we were writing this, the post viewed over 55.000 times.

A fan named Samuel White wrote this:

“A Sunshine of Your Love cover would be amazing when I see you in July 🤪✌️”

Another fan named Callum said:

“A lesson from Roger Waters would ensure I can die happy”

An Instagram user named Schreiber shared his emotional moments:

“This was the first riff my dad taught me”

You can check the post below.