Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters attended a live stream on the YouTube channel Let’s Talk It Over and as we have deducted, the long-going dispute between Waters and guitarist David Gilmour might have stopped being the only feud between the members of the band. The words he uttered during an ongoing discussion grabbed our attention as to maybe the Waters is having yet another feud with another Pink Floyd member. Roger Waters talked about Nick Mason as ‘the drummer’ instead of saying his name.

The problem between Roger Waters and David Gilmour is a long unresolved issue consisting of many reasons. The complications in the band were apparent when Waters accused Gilmour of thinking that he owns the band. Although Waters’ problem was not about Gilmour’s talent, he thought that he was being unappreciated in the band and was not given many credits. On the other hand, Gilmour was given more credits than he deserved. Another problem that caused Waters to feel unappreciated was because Gilmore’s wife Polly Samson was promoted on Pink Floyd’s official website where none of Waters’ work was seen. As Waters’ claims, this happened also because Gilmour banned Waters from Pink Floyd’s website. This feud became more and more unresolved throughout the years.

Another feud between Roger Waters and this time the band’s drummer Nick Mason might have emerged. In the live stream, Waters talked about his experiences in Italy during the Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains. He stated that the exhibition in Italy was a bad remake of another exhibition which was much better. His negative outlook on this exhibition in Italy was noticeable. He continued to state that went to it with ‘the drummer’ instead of saying Nick Mason’s name. Waters and Mason performed together since the beginning of Pink Floyd in 1964. Even though they have known each other and performed together until Waters quit the band in 1985, Waters stated that he did not remember his name now.

Here is what Waters fully said about his experience in the exhibition:

“When we did a Pink Floyd exhibition called ‘the mortal remains’ and when we put it on in Milan for no good reason it was actually because Michael Cole wanted to make a few quid more out of it and it was a terrible thing to do because it was a shoddy facsimile of the great job that had been done in exhibition road at the VMA. They put on a Pink Floyd exhibition that was fantastic. Anyway, it doesn’t matter how bad it was in Italy. I went to the opening with the drummer, I can’t remember his name now…”

In the end, as we have deducted from the feuds throughout the years, Roger Waters is a difficult person. We do not know his intentions as to why he could not or decided not to remember Nick Mason’s name. It could be something he said to have a laugh with his old friend or it could be a hint for us of a new war that will surface in the future. 

You can watch the entire chat below.