Pink Floyd’s legendary member and also known as one of the most activist musicians of the industry, Roger Waters, has posted a new tweet on his official Twitter account and showed off his sensibility for Palestinians once again.

According to the article that Roger has shared, Fordham University is still refusing to allow a Palestinian rights club on campus and the students want to have a school club to speak about Palestine and the rights of Palestinians on Campus.

According to the source, students in the university are shocked, disappointed, and ashamed after the decision of the authorities and still want to make changes to make the campus a better place for Palestinian students.

He also made a reference to the legendary songs of Pink Floyd, ‘Another Brick In The Wall’ by saying leave them kids alone. Over a thousand people pushed the like button on the tweet to show their support for Roger and the Palestinians.

Here is what Pink Floyd legend wrote in his latest tweet:

“Roger Waters wants to know. Why does Fordham support Israeli Apartheid? Why is Fordham against free speech? Why is it banning Palestine activism?

Hey FORDHAM, leave them kids alone!!!”

You can check out the tweet and ‘Another Brick In The Wall’ right below.