Pink Floyd legend Roger Waters talked about his childhood and opened up about his family’s difficulties during his interview with WTF with Marc Maron Podcast.

Roger Waters’ father, Eric Fletcher Waters, joined the Territorial Army and served as a second lieutenant in Royal Fusiliers’ 8th Battalion. Unfortunately, five months after his deployment, he died during the Battle of Anzio when Roger was only five years old.

Therefore, Waters’ mother Mary had to raise her two sons by herself under harsh circumstances. According to Roger, even though his mother was a teacher and had a war pension, she couldn’t earn enough money to live in a better place with central heating or buy new clothes for her children.

In his recent interview, Waters recalled his childhood, saying that they were poor but felt lucky because they were able to find enough food to sustain themselves. It seems like the musician’s childhood memories are stained with losses and poverty, which he still cannot forget, but he has channeled into his music.

Waters said in his interview that:

“My mum earned 40 quid a week as a school teacher, and she had a war pension, which was pitiful but because my father had been killed in 1944. So we were poor. We always had enough to eat, and I was never…

Well, I was freezing cold every night in the winter there was no central heating or anything like that, so you were cold ’till you got down to the kitchen.”

You can listen to the podcast below.

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