Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters shared a post on his official Twitter page commenting on the latest incident that happened in Washington and revealed that Congress should be working on solving the problem instead of being on holiday.

As many of you may know, during a session of Congress armed protestors who were promoted and encouraged by Donald Trump gathered in front of the U.S. Capitol and the protesting instantly turned into an insurrection since protesters pushed barriers and police lines.

After the horrible incident, many people started to share their opinions on their social media accounts, especially musicians who are politically outspoken. Just like KISS rhythm guitarist Paul Stanley who referred to protestors as terrorists while blaming the president and specific senators, Roger Waters shared his opinion as well.

Recently, Roger Waters shared a post on his official Twitter page speaking his mind after the insurrection, apparently, Congress should not be on holiday, instead, they all have work to do alongside stating that the president caused the whole incident.

In addition to this, Waters also referred to those who were at the protest as an armed mob of thugs who invaded the Capitol and attempted a riot, therefore, Congress should be working harder than before.

Here is what Water said:

“Congress has gone on Holiday! An ARMED MOB of THUGS and THUGESSES invades the Capitol in an attempted coup d’etat, urged on by a crazed sore loser president. And congress goes on holiday! Don’t they see there’s WORK to be done?”

You can see the Twitter post below.