Roger Waters made an appearance on the WTF Podcast and revealed that David Gilmour made him feel insignificant and as if he was good for nothing.

Formed in 1964, the iconic band Pink Floyd made a name for themselves as one of the greatest progressive rock bands. Throughout their career, the band produced numerous songs that are now classified as classic rock hits. However, they released their last album, ‘The Endless River,’ in 2014 and left the music scene soon after.

One of Pink Floyd’s founders, Roger Waters, played the bass guitar for the band and was the mastermind behind their lyrics during his tenure. In 1967, David Gilmour joined the band as the guitarist and vocalist. However, Gilmour and Waters were not on good terms as they had clashing opinions. Thus, Waters left the band in 1985 and filed a lawsuit over Pink Floyd’s name and material, which led to a long-lasting feud between the two.

Talking about his career within Pink Floyd, Roger Waters told WTF Podcast that he felt quite insignificant in the band, although he now feels he has a sophisticated musical brain. He then told the host Marc Maron that David Gilmour and Rick Wright claimed he was tone-deaf and has no understanding of music. Moreover, Waters alleged that they were also feeling very insignificant at that point.

Roger Waters told WTF Podcast that:

I always felt insignificant and somewhat inept. It’s more recently, over the years, I’ve come to realize that I actually have quite a sophisticated musical brain. That I notice things that other people don’t notice.”

He then revealed how Gilmour and Wright made him feel like that:

“By claiming that I was tone-deaf and that I didn’t understand music. They’d thought ‘Oh he’s just a boring, kind of, teacher figure who tells us what to do, but he can’t tune his own guitar.’ Stuff like that… They were very snotty or snipe-y because they felt very insignificant at that point.”

You can check out the full interview below.