The vocalist and the bass guitarist for the rock band Pink Floyd, Roger Waters shared a post on his official Twitter account about one of his friends talking about the recent events in Israel and Palestine.

Roger Waters has always been honest about expressing his thought on what is going on in Palestine and Israel. He has been urging people to protest Israel’s behavior towards the Palestinian people.

On his official Twitter account, Waters shared a music video of his friend and a musician, Nai Barghouti. In the video, Barghouti’s lyrics are about the current situation of Palestine. Moreover, there are somewhat video clips of the current events in Palestine.

Shortly after posting, the video was age-restricted by YouTube. A few hours later, Waters posted another tweet scolding YouTube, urging it to stop censoring humanitarian content.

Here is what Roger Waters wrote:

“My friend Nai Barghouti speaks. Spread widely. Help stop the Israeli murder.”

He added another tweet:

“F*ck you, YouTube, stop censoring humanitarian content.”

You can check out the music video and the original tweets from Roger Waters’ Twitter account right below.