Known as the bass guitarist of the band Pink Floyd, Roger Waters shared a tweet on his official Twitter account, paying his respects to Paul Labile Pogba, Manchester United center player.

Roger Waters has always been vocal about what he was thinking about what was on the agenda. The recent news coming from Gaza and Israel is being spoken about almost by everyone.

The legendary rock star has been taking a firm stand on the rights of the Palestinian people. Waters had previously joined a couple of newscasts stating that there should be more protests about the recent events in Gaza, stating that ‘Israel is a racist country.’

In the tweet, Roger Waters sends his respects to Premier League football player Paul Pogba, along with World Cup-winner player Amad Diallo who held a Palestinian flag at the end of the game.

Here is what Waters said in his tweet.

“Respect Paul Pogba, Amad Diallo, Mo Salla Ryhad Marez Hamza Choudhary Benjamin Mendy, and that other center back from Leicester. I love you all, Roger Waters. Also Marcus Rashford and Raheem Stirling, please don’t sign with Puma. PUMA is pro-racism.”

You can check out the original tweet from Roger Waters’ official Twitter account.