Pink Floyd icon Roger Waters shared a video of her dog while he was chewing and playing with a Donald Trump toy as the two were saying goodbye to Trump after he was not elected for the 2020 presidential election in the United States.

As you may know, the presidential election of the United States has been quite controversial this year with the ‘dead voters’ accusations and the outcome which apparently displeased the former president Donald Trump since Joe Biden won the election.

However, those who were not Trump supporters have been celebrating his loss via social media posts. Recently, Roger Waters shared a hilarious video of his dog while he was playing with a toy that is a mini Donald Trump. Waters seemed to be enjoying the moment while his dog was ripping the little Donald Trump.

Here is what Waters said in the video:

“Sweet Georgia Brown saying goodbye to the president. That’s it, you get his balls. You’re such a good dog, aren’t you? How does he taste? I bet he tastes bloody awful. Look at what you did to his right hand, he always had little hands.”

Waters also stated that the two are saying goodbye to Donald Trump and hoping to never see and meet again in the caption section in addition to thanking the brand which creates the president toys.

Here’s what Roger Waters stated in the caption of his latest post:

“A note from Roger and Georgia.
‘So goodbye Donald Trump and Amen,
Here’s hoping we never meet again’

(Thanks to our friends at Pet Hates Toys)”

You can see the Instagram post below.