Pink Floyd guitarist Roger Waters took his verified Twitter account to share a new post and called out to the officials about the incorrect judgment about lawyer Steven Donziger.

As you may know, Donzinger stood up to an oil giant, Chevron, and the case he won against the company led them to withdraw their operations in Ecuador. He also helped people in Ecuador win a $9.8 billion verdict against the oil company for causing the pollution in the Amazon rainforest.

However, Steven has been under house arrest for the last 500 days due to the charges of contempt of court related to his case against Chevron and waiting for a misdemeanor trial.

Along with his legendary music career, Roger Waters has been showing interest in the social and political issues around the world. Last week, Waters shared a new post on Instagram to announce that he will be joining an NYC Rally to protest 500 days of wrongful detention for Steven Danziger.

Recently, Roger posted a message on his Twitter account emphasizing that Judge Lewis A. Kaplan and Judge Loretta Preska should be disbarred since they were corrupted. Also, he stated that the law should not be for sale and called out Chevron for their problematic actions.

Waters showed his stance against anti-nature acts from the energy companies and manufactures once again and earned the respect of the community by seeking justice for Steven Danziger.

Here is what Roger Waters wrote in his message:

A message from Roger:
Free Steven Donziger.
Clean up The southern district of New York.
Disbar corrupt Judge Lewis A. Kaplan and his lapdog, Judge Loretta Preska.

The law should not be for sale.
Chevron and Gibson Dunn, I’m talking to you.”

You can check out the post below.