Former Pink Floyd bassist and co-lead vocalist Roger Waters recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and drew his fans’ and followers’ attention to an important matter which he has been supporting for a long time now.

As you may know, in comparison to other rockstars, Waters often prefers to use his social media accounts, and in specific his Twitter account, to express his views on social and political matters and call for the support of his fans and followers. In his recent tweet, he tried to raise awareness on Isreals occupation of Palestinian territories and what we can all do to help Palestinians.

Roger Waters is known for his successful career in the rock scene as a frontman, songwriter, composer, and bassist. However, he is also known for his activism and his wish to raise awareness on important matters. He had made it to our headlines at the beginning of January when he invited his fans to join him at a New York City rally to stand up against the wrongful detention of Jullian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks.

Waters’ life as an activist started when he was only 15 years old as he became the chairman of the Cambridge Youth Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and since then, his sensitivity towards social and political issues has only increased. In his recent tweet, he talked about Elbit Systems, ‘Israel’s killer-drone factory in England,’ and called for his fans’ support to shut it down and fight against the inhumane attacks on Palestinians.

He asked his fans to follow and support Palestinean Action who are trying to raise awareness on what has been going on in Palestine and shut down Elbit. The organization launched a direct action workshop for its members 5 months ago, aiming to shut down Elbit which has 10 production sites, offices, and factories based in the United Kingdom and is Israels largest private arms manufacturer.

The organization stated that the reason why they have chosen Elbit as their primary target is as it plays a key role in supporting Israels’ brutal siege of Gaza and the apartheid occupation of Palestine. Furthermore, the company proudly markets its weapons as ‘battletested‘ on Palestinian civilians, which mostly consists of children and refugees.

Feeling enraged with this inhumane attack on Palestinians, which is supported by a big company in the United Kingdom, Roger Waters wanted to raise awareness on this matter and encourage his fans to use their voice and power to help those in need. He said that his fans should support Palestinean Action if they want to help a country become free from uniformed thugs kicking their door and killing their children.

Here’s what Roger Waters said in his recent tweet:

“IF you want to live in a country FREE from UNIFORMED THUGS kicking in your door.
IF you want to shut down Elbit Systems ISRAEL’S KILLER DRONE factory in England. IF you want to stop them KILLING THE CHILDREN. Support Palestinean Action. I DO.”

You can check out the tweet that Roger Waters posted on his Twitter account below.