The Rolling Stones iconic guitarist Keith Richards posted a video on Instagram showing unique backstage footage of himself playing guitar that he looks really bad-ass.

The Rolling Stones star Keith Richards has been using his social media accounts to share some old memories with his fans and followers. He usually posts videos of his unforgettable performances on stage with the band.

However, this time, Keith Richards posted a video of himself smoking a cigarette and playing his guitar in the backstage of the Glastonbury Festival in 2013. The Rolling Stones displayed a remarkable performance which was amazed everyone had the chance to watch them live at the festival.

As you will see in the backstage video below, Keith is wearing sunglasses, smoking, and playing his guitar while leaning on a closet in an extremely cool way.

On the caption of his post, Keith stated:

Glastonbury Backstage 2013… From the vaults!

You can watch the video Keith Richards posted on his official Instagram account below.

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Glastonbury Backstage 2013… From the vaults!

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