The Beatles iconic star and also known as the co-owner of the Scream Gallery, Ronnie Wood, shared a recent video on his verified Instagram account today and took fans’ attention to the ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ once again.

As lots of celebrities shares recent messages on their official accounts, Ronnie also took an inspiring video for his followers and advised them to take fresh air while they can. Also, he stated that everybody should look after themselves.

Here is what he told on the video, transcribed by Metalheadzone:

“So, it’s Mental Health Awareness Week. Look after yourself. Look after your noodle. And do plenty of walking if you can… Get yourself fresh air and take some breath while we are still in the breakdown.”

And here is the caption of the video:

“A few words for #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek 🙏”

A user named granddentistry made the most-liked comment below the post:

“Love your family and you so much!!! Keep sharing!!! ♥️”

Another user, Irma Barrios shared her thoughts:

“Sweet. Enjoy your day & thanks for your warm messages! 🙏”

You can watch the latest video of Ronnie right below.

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A few words for #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek 🙏

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