The beautiful daughter of The Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood, Leah Wood has taken Instagram to talk about the book that sobbed her heart out when she read some years ago and highly recommended it to everyone.

As the self-quarantine period, due to the global pandemic, has been still going on, most of the social media personalities, musicians, and artists have been continuing to come up with some bright ideas and great recommendations for pastime.

The talented artist, cool earth ambassador, and jewelry designer, Leah Wood, has shown up among these people on social media with spectacular book advice, which affected her deeply.

Wood has recommended Nicholas Sparks’ ‘The Notebook‘ for the people who like a love story. She admitted she read this book quite some years ago and sobbed her heart out. Leah said that the book is so good.

‘The Notebook’ is a 1996 romantic novel by Nicholas Sparks. The novel, which was Sparks’ first published work, was later adapted into a popular film of the same name, in 2004. In interviews, Sparks said he was inspired to write the novel by the story of his wife’s grandparents, who had been married for more than 60 years when he met them.

Here’s what Leah Wood said in her latest Instagram post:

I read this book quite some years ago and sobbed my heart out!! So so good I would recommend anyone who likes a love story to read.”

You can see the post below.