The Rolling Stones’ iconic guitarist Keith Richards‘ previous comment on having pets implying that ‘he was going to live forever‘ went viral on Twitter.

The Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards has been continuing to be a rock star regardless of his age. The 76-year-old icon has been showing off with his remarkable performances on and off stage by posting his videos often on social media platforms. Keith Richards frequently implied he was going to be in this world forever in his many statements.

Recently on Twitter, his comment on the negative side of having pets went viral once again which stated even a 100-year-old animal would die before Keith. Apparently, Keith once received a tortoise for his birthday which could live almost 300 years. As a reply, he revealed the reason why he didn’t like having pets.

Here’s what Keith Richards stated about pets:

Now you see why I’m against it, you get attached to such an animal and then it dies.

The Rolling Stones fans shared Keith’s comment with a famous meme made about his good condition despite his age. On the meme, it was stated:

We need to start worrying about what kind of world we’re gonna leave behind for Keith Richards.

You can see the tweets about Keith Richards’s previous statement posted by his fans on Twitter below.