The lovely daughter of The Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards, Theodora Richards, posted a new photo on her verified Instagram page to share the feelings she has to her recently adopted dog named ‘Honey Turbo Potato Bearmouse Richards.’

As Theodora reveals how does she feel about Honey, she also admitted a bold truth about herself and exposed that once she thought that she would be a terrible dog owner.

Here is the caption of her lovely photo:

I had convinced myself I’d be a terrible dog owner because I can be stubborn, I do like sleep, I have a tendency to be impulsive, spontaneous and got a touch of the wanderlust.

But that’s this breed to a T. I’ve met my doggy match. This is Honey. Honey Turbo Potato Bearmouse Richards.

The late legend Chris Cornell’s daughter Toni Cornell commented on the post:

“Honey turbo potato bear mouse… That name is top of the top.”

Another follower of Theodora, Jazzy De Lisser wrote this:

“Omg so cute!!! ❤️❤️❤️ I’ve always wanted to name my next dog’s potato and dumpling.”

You can check out the photo right below.