British rock legend The Rolling Stones’ singer Mick Jagger has shared an unseen photo of his son, Lucas, on his official Instagram account’s Stories section and celebrated his 21st birthday. 

As we all know, Mick Jagger loves writing about his feelings on his social media accounts, and you might remember that he wrote an open letter after the death of Little Richard. Not for just after death news, he also uses his Instagram page to share unseen photos for celebrating the birthdays of the people he cares about.

But today, Mick used his Instagram page to celebrate Lucas’ 21st birthday and uploaded a low-quality photo with a simple message. Everyone is expected to see a long open letter about how much he loves Lucas, but it didn’t happen. 

You can see the screenshot of Mick’s Instagram Stories post below.

Photo Credit: Mick Jagger – Instagram

Mick’s daughter, Georgia May Jagger, also celebrated his brother Lucas’ birthday with a message on Instagram and said:

“Happy 21st birthday, Lucas! I love you so much I can’t believe your 21! We will celebrate together in Brazil next year.”

You can reach the Instagram post here.