One of the most famous recording producers of the whole time Eddie Gibson, who also had lots of precious works with Led Zeppelin and KISS, was recently interviewed by Gibson and talked about Keith Richard’s health issues.

As you will read the whole statements below, Eddie stated that he was very worried about Keith’s health after he had two seizures in his sleep and his lovely wife Patti called for medical attention.

Gibson asked this:

“What stands out as your most challenging session with The Stones and what did you learn from that?”

Here is what he said as an answer:

“I would say probably the El Mocambo live thing [in 1977], that was very challenging in the sense that, you know, Keith [Richards, guitar] had just got busted, and the truck was there, we’re ready to record, and he – hopefully – was going to be in good shape.

The rehearsals were pretty cool, you know, I look back on those times and I think, ‘Dood grief.’ I mean, the band played wonderfully, it was amazing, I just… I was worried about the situation, about Keith’s health – I was hoping he was going to be OK.”

He continued:

“We’re in the truck thinking, ‘Oh my god,’ but the band played great. The challenge was getting a sound for them that sounded cool because it was a small club with a small ceiling, but it worked out amazingly, I was really thrilled.

When you think back, I think The Stones enjoyed playing those small clubs because the intimacy with the audience, and it’s so tight and you can just feel the vibes coming out from the audience through The Stones and back, so it was very exciting.”

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