The legendary guitarist of The Rolling Stones and famous role-models of the people who tries to quit on alcohol and drugs, Ronnie Wood, shared a new video on his verified Twitter account to share the latest news about himself.

As you might already familiar with the news that Ronnie Wood went clean in 2010 and gave up on his alcohol and drug usage after many decades.

This week, he posted a recent video on his Twitter account and shared his advice to the people who lost their hope on change.

Here is what Ronnie told on the video:

“I will share my hope for the future with myself, my higher power, and my friends. I will also share this with someone who has lost hope.

Now, if anything, we have tended to be people who have wanted it all now. To hope is not to demand. Maybe we were a bit demanding. Maybe we were a bit impatient.”

He continued his statement:

“Maybe that’s why we had such little hope. Hope is believing good will come, even in bad times; hope is knowing that ‘this too shall pass.’ Hope is knowing that no matter how afraid we are, our higher power will be with us.

Hope is knowing we never have to be alone again. It is knowing that time is on our side. Hope is giving up control. Hope is knowing we never had control in the first place. I hope this helps you get through another day.”

You can check out his tweet and some fans’ reactions below.