The Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood’s daughter, Leah Wood, has shared the screenshot of the recent announcement about Paul Karslakefa, who is the brother of Ronnie Wood’s former wife Jo, on Instagram.

According to the statement, Paul has passed away this morning and the cause of death is not clear yet.

In the caption of the post, Leah described her feelings after the tragic death of her uncle, Paul. In the comment section, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards’ daughter, Alexandra Richards sent her condolence with a simple emoji.

Here’s the official statement about the death of Paul Karslake:

“It is with deep sorrow that we have to announce Paul’s sad passing this morning. He was taken to hospital yesterday morning with breathing problems and at present, we do not know the exact reason for his passing.

The family asks for some peace and consideration and to respect the family’s privacy at this very difficult and distressing time.

The family has also asked that you try not to go to Paul’s workshop as it is shut and in this current time it is dangerous to gather with the guidelines for self-isolation. It is however appreciated how much he was loved. Paul was a fantastic husband, a wonderful father, an amazing family man and an excellent friend to all. He is now at peace.”

Leah Wood wrote a heartbreaking message over the statement and said:

“Sweet dreams my Loved Uncle.x”

Keith Richards’ daughter Alexandria left a simple emoji in the comment section of the post and sent:


The co-founder of Vidandomi, Omi, commented:

“So sorry L! Sending you lots of love! Such a great man! Xxx”

You can see the original Instagram post below.