Gorgeous model and Daughter of The Rolling Stones legend Mick Jagger, Georgia May Jagger has shared a new video on her official Instagram account and celebrated her best friend Brett Grace’s birthday.

Georgia wanted to celebrate Brett’s birthday pleasantly, and she shared lots of old photos with him. Also, she wrote an emotional letter to show her gratitude for Brett.

In one of these posts, they were hanging out on the beach in a bizarre way. Georgia was standing with a glass of drink in her hand, and Brett was wearing a bikini.

Here is what Georgia May Jagger wrote:

“Happy Birthday!!! Brett Grace throwing it back to before we had to stay in the house! I love you so much I’m so grateful you’re my best friend.

I’m so lucky that we are in quarantine together!! Thank you so much for being such a special force in my life 💜”

Her brother,  Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger said:

“Happy birthday Brett! @brettgrace 🚀🚀💙”

A fan named Bobby Hadden added this comment:

“Be safe, stay healthy, stay beautiful and stay real 🌹❤️🤗”

You can check the post and watch the video below.