Former Metallica bassist and also known as the former member of Phantasm, Ron McGovney, took to his verified Twitter account today and responded to the tweet of famous TV/Radio host Eddie Trunk who claims he’s old enough to see the band since the very beginning.

Ron McGovney was one of the four live show lineup members of the legendary Metallica with James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, and Dave Mustaine. Just a year after he joined ‘tallica in 1981, he had some issues with Ulrich and Mustaine and replaced by Cliff Burton after they have decided to part ways.

Today, SiriusXM host Eddie Trunk has posted a new tweet on his official Twitter account and celebrated the 35th Anniversary of ‘Master Of Puppets’ which was released back in 1983. In the tweet, Eddie also claimed that he’s watching the band since the very beginning.

However, after he sent that message, Ron McGovney stated that he does not recall seeing or meeting him at any show as a response.

Here is what Eddie Trunk wrote:

“Happy 35th to a metal masterpiece Metallica’s Master Of Puppets. I’m old enough to have seen the band since the very beginning, so this still seems like a more recent album to me haha. 35 years old? Crazy! Still sounds great though!”

Ron McGovney responded:

I don’t recall seeing or meeting you at any shows in the very beginning. The band started in L.A. That’s west coast. You are east coast.

You can check out these tweets below.