Metallica’s original bass player Ron McGovney shared a post on Twitter, denying Saxon lead singer Biff Byford‘s claims about the band. According to the bassist, Byford’s story about the time Metallica opened for Saxon is fictitious.

During a recent appearance on The Chuck Shute Podcast, Biff Byford looked back on when Metallica opened for Saxon at the famous club, Whisky a Go Go. While Metallica was setting up on stage, they spotted a huge electric fan that Byford would use on stage.

According to the singer, the Metallica members asked if they could use it, but the tour manager didn’t allow them. After the incident, Metallica didn’t talk to Saxon for a long time until they came across Byford’s memoir, in which he humorously stated that they can use the fan anytime they want.

That’s when Metallica members got in touch with the Saxon vocalist to tell him what they had done was quite silly. From then on, all the band members became close friends, which was pretty cool if you ask Byford.

About Metallica, Byford stated:

“Back in the day, Metallica, they supported us. We played at the Whisky a Go Go. On that night, Ozzy Osbourne came to see us. I think we were out having dinner or something before the gig or doing something. And Metallica was setting up on stage. And I wasn’t there. I was there later for their show, but I wasn’t there when they were setting up.

And I had a huge electric fan there in front of me, and I think Metallica asked if they could use it, and our tour manager said ‘No.’ So they didn’t use it. They didn’t talk to us for a long, long time because of that.

I wrote a book, an autobiography, a few years ago, and in the book, I said, ‘Look, if you wanna use the fan anytime in the future, it’s no problem. You can use it guys.’ And they got in touch with me after that. They must have realized that it was a bit stupid. And we got on and became big friends after that. So, that was pretty cool.”

Following the interview, the original bass player of Metallica shared a post on his official Twitter account in response to the story. According to Ron McGovney, who opened for Saxon with the band in 1982, Biff Byford’s entire story is nothing but fiction.

In his tweet, McGovney penned:

“Wow. What a story. Total fiction. What do you think, David Mars?”

You can watch the interview and see the Twitter post below.