Former Metallica bassist Ron McGovney posted a tweet in which he shared an interesting fact about Metallica: the thrash metal icons once performed a show just for $100.

Formed in 1981, Metallica is a band that climbed the ladders of fame pretty quickly. Currently, they are considered among the founding ‘big four’ bands of thrash metal, and they have so many fans from all corners of the world.

However, as it turns out, they once performed for $100 at a show at Whisky a Go-Go during their early days. In a recent tweet, a Twitter user posted a nostalgic picture of the Whisky a Go-Go taken back in 1975. Upon seeing this, the author Greg Renoff decided to share a fact with his followers.

In his tweet, the author of ‘Van Halen Rising,’ Greg Renoff stated that the billboard on the top of the Whisky a Go-Go in that picture brought way more income to the owners than concert tickets or the bar. Moreover, this tweet reminded Ron McGovney of something interesting about Metallica.

As a response to Renoff’s tweet, McGovney shared a really old picture of the Whisky a Go-Go bar and stated that Metallica performed for $100 for the gig at the bar. Saying they drank away that money quickly that day, the bassist added that they weren’t headlining that show.

Greg Renoff’s tweet read:

“I was told by a knowledgable source: the billboard on top of the Whisky brought in way more income to the owners of the Whisky than concert tickets, the bar, etc.”

Ron McGovney then replied, recalling the following:

“I think Metallica got $100 for this gig. We drank away that $100 pretty quickly. Also…this photo was taken before the band order was reversed. We were not headlining.”

You can check out the tweets below.