Metallica’s original bassist Ron McGovney recently posted a tweet to reveal his thoughts on Dave Mustaine‘s claims concerning his tenure with Metallica.

Before his tenure with Megadeth, Dave Mustaine was Metallica’s original lead guitarist since the band’s formation in 1981. Mustaine contributed to the composing of their early songs, but he didn’t appear on any albums. However, he was credited with four songs from ‘Kill ‘Em All’ and two from the album ‘Ride The Lightning.’

When working with Metallica, Mustaine struggled with substance addiction and a lack of anger management. Besides, he had personal issues with James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich. Due to these reasons, Metallica fired Mustaine on April 11, 1983, before they recorded their debut album ‘Kill ‘Em All.’

On August 23, Dave Mustaine spoke to Joe Rogan for an interview. During the conversation, Mustaine admitted what bothered him the most was that he told them not to use his music, but they went on to use them on the albums ‘Kill ‘Em All,’ and ‘Ride The Lightning,’ and a song in ‘Master Of Puppets.’

McGovney recently saw this interview and decided to respond to these claims through his Twitter account. In his tweet, the former Metallica bassist said there were so many things he could say about Mustaine’s remarks, but he chose not to reveal them. Upon seeing this, fans got really curious about what the bassist might say, but McGovney didn’t make any further statements.

Ron McGovney’s tweet read:

“There are so many things I could say about all of this, but I won’t.

You can see the tweet below.