Short-term Metallica bassist, Ron McGovney, recently posted a photo on his Twitter account and shared the first Metallica business card that they had printed out and revealed that he came up with their band’s genre description.

As you may recall, McGovney was Metallica’s bassist from October 1981 until December 1982. Although his friendship with James Hetfield went way back to their childhood years and the two of them had started their music career together by forming Leather Charm, McGovney’s career with Metallica was short-lived and his relationship with the band members was rather tumultuous.

Hetfield and Lars Ulrich formed Metallica in 1981 and the band became complete with the addition of McGovney and Dave Mustaine. They would rehearse in McGovney’s parents’ house and record their tracks in his garage. However, the fact that the band highly depended on McGovney soon led to tensions within the band, and ultimately, McGovney decided to leave.

In later interviews, McGovney opened up about the reasons why he decided to leave and said that he was being used for his connections as an amateur photographer. He added that his role had shifted from bassist to the guy who had to provide accommodation and financial support for Metallica to succeed. What really got to him was that he didn’t feel respected as a bandmate.

However, McGovney has patched things up with his former bandmates and still occasionally talks about his time with Metallica. He recently posted a photo of the band’s first business card. The card reads ‘Metallica, POWER METAL’ and includes a number. McGovney revealed that the phone number belonged to him and that he kept the same number until 1987, even though he had left the band.

When a follower asked McGovney who came up with the band’s first slogan ‘young metal attack,’ he said that it could have been James or Lars. However, he went on to say that he came up with the term ‘Power Metal‘ and insinuated that it was the band’s first slogan, prior to ‘young metal attack.’

Here’s what Ron McGovney said in his tweet:

“Original Metallica business card. The phone number was the one I had in my bedroom in 1979. I moved to our rental house two doors down in 1981 and took the number with me. That house was where Metallica started. I lived in a condo 1983-1987 and had that same number.”

This is what a Metallica fan asked:

“That’s so awesome, Ron. Where did the phrase ‘young metal attack’ come from, though? It was always my understanding that it was the first ‘slogan.'”

To which Ron McGovney responded:

“James or Lars I guess. I just remember having the shirts printed with that slogan. I did Power Metal though.”

You can check out Ron McGovney’s tweet below.