Consequence Of Sound made a recent interview with the widow of Ronnie James Dio, Wendy Dio, and she talked about the future plans and what we can expect from her about new unreleased materials of Ronnie.

In the statement, Wendy stated that she found some unreleased materials in Ronnie’s computer after the sad death of him in 2010. She also added that she’s looking for the start of a new book in which she will share rare Rainbow memories that were written by Ronnie himself.

Here’s what she said about it:

“I’m working together with Mick Wall, who has written books about everybody in the rock business — he’s from England. Ronnie had been writing his memoirs and he wrote up to about the end of Rainbow, and we found some other scribblings on his computer after he passed away — so there is a bit more.

We’ve been finding interviews that Ronnie did along the way, so it will continue in Ronnie’s own words. We were looking for the beginning of 2021 [for the book’s release], but now it’s on hold, of course [due to the coronavirus pandemic].”

Former Black Sabbath and Rainbow singer Ronnie James Dio has passed away at the age of 67 on May 16, 2010. He was in a battle with stomach cancer. After his death, the metal community made a tribute album to send their respect to him. You can listen to the tribute of Metallica below.

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