Heavy metal band Black Sabbath’s legendary vocalist Ronnie James Dio‘s widow, Wendy Dio, shared how she still feels Ronnie’s presence in a recent interview she had on the radio show ‘Full Metal Jackie.’

Ronnie James Dio was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2009. Even though he was being treated and canceled all his live performances, Dio died on May 16, 2010, due to his illness, at the age of 67.

Wendy Dio was asked in what ways she was feeling Roonie’s presence with her. She said she could feel him everywhere:

“He’s still with me all the time. I feel him in the house, I feel him everywhere.”

She told a strange event that happened shortly after his death:

“In fact, when he passed away, it was very strange — a little hummingbird was tapping on my window for about five days.

And then I didn’t think anything of it, and then I suddenly thought about it, and then just yesterday, I was sitting in the backyard and there’s a little hummingbird there.”

She realized this may have been Ronnie, sending a message to her:

“And I thought, ‘Why does he keep coming back here?’ And it made a nest in one of my umbrellas — the sun umbrellas.

I thought, ‘What if Ronnie is sending me a message?’ Maybe it’s a silly thought, but that’s what I like. I felt it was Ronnie giving me a message.”

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