One of the most iconic late stars of all time and also the Black Sabbath icon, Ronnie James Dio, has passed away 10 years ago but fans are still crazy to listen to his never-released records.

Ronnie James Dio’s lovely widow Wendy Dio had a recent interview with Australia’s Heavy Magazine and revealed if Ronnie’s unfinished songs will see the light someday.

As you may check out the statements of Wendy, she revealed that she is finding lots of unreleased Dio material in the vaults but she does not want to rush releasing those golden worth stuff.

Here is what Wendy told to Heavy:

“Oh, yeah. I find it all the time. Every time I go over to the storage — it’s in climate-controlled storage. It’s all labeled and stuff, but I find stuff all the time. ‘Oh, look at this. This is really good. Oh, yes. This is wonderful.’

And there’s a lot of unfinished songs that in the future we can figure out how we can put them out. But it has to be perfect, it has to be the way Ronnie would want it.”

She continued:

“I don’t wanna flood the market with just a bunch of old crap. I’m very particular about what we find, and then having someone with professional ears, like (Dio’s longtime recording engineer) Wyn Davis, listen to it to make sure it’s fine before we put anything out.”

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