The Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood recently shared a photo with The Beatles icon Paul McCartney and revealed they performed together in the studio on his official Instagram account.

As two pioneering rock bands, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, their members have known each other for a while even though sometimes their relationship was tumultuous because of ongoing competition between them back then. However, the remaining members continued their friendship and even collaborated for specific events.

In one of them, Ronnie Wood joined Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr to sing The Beatles’ hit, ‘Get Back’ on the stage in 2018. Also, previously, McCartney had appeared on Wood’s ‘The Ronnie Wood Show’ in 2010, and the bassist had always supported the guitarist as his best man on Wood’s wedding two years later.

Wood and McCartney surprised their fans with an Instagram post in which The Rolling Stones guitarist shared the good news in his IG post. He revealed that they jammed with McCartney in the studio, which can be regarded as a sign of their upcoming collaborative projects.

Wood’s IG post read:

“Hope your weekend is as rocking as when Ronnie and Paul McCartney jammed in the studio together!

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Ronnie Wood – Instagram