The Rolling Stones legend and also the former member of the little known rhythm and blues band named The Birds that formed in 1964 in England, Ronnie Wood, has posted a throwback Thursday photo and asked fans’ favorite from the earlier days of the band.

While the band has released a couple of singles during their active days, The Birds’ musical career did not last long. After being active from 1964 to 1967 and releasing their ‘Decca’ single, they were recommended to change their name to ‘The Birds Birds.’

However, after parting ways with the band members one by one, they’ve ended their musical career in 1967. The co-founding member Ali McKenzie has begun to play in concerts as ‘The Birds’ in 2010 but it did not last long.

Here is what he asked for fans on the caption of the post:

“Throwback Thursday! Ronnie and his bandmates in The Birds, circa 1966.

What’s your favorite song by the band? 🎸”

You can check out the post below.