The world-famous rock scene photographer, Ross Halfin, recently posted a series of Eddie and Van Halen photos on his Instagram account and announced that his upcoming book ‘Edward Van Halen by Ross Halfin is now available for pre-order while giving information about its contents.

Ross William Halfin is one of the most well-known rock and roll photographers of all time and he has been in the rock/metal scene since 1976. He’s known as the stage and tour photographer of some of the most legendary bands such as Metallica, Led Zeppelin, KISS, Black Sabbath, The Who, AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, Van Halen, and many more.

As you may recall, on October 6, 2020, everyone in the rock scene and millions of fans mourned the passing of Eddie Van Halen. Eddie was one of the most talented and appreciated guitarists of all time and was often praised for his kindness and unending love for his family, friends, and fans.

Upon, Eddie’s passing, Halfin took it upon himself to create a visual tribute to the unforgettable guitarist. He compiled a book of 320 pages filled with photos of Eddie since 1978, which was when Halfin started shooting Van Halen. Halfin said that he ‘always enjoyed shooting Van Halen‘ because they were so fun to be around.

Here’s what Ross Halfin said in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

“Very pleased to announce my latest book ‘Edward Van Halen by Ross Halfin’ which is available for pre-order now from Rufus Books (link in bio). I started shooting Van Halen in 1978 when they were just a support band for Black Sabbath. This book delves deep into my archive covering the early tours with Roth in the late ’70s onto the commercial explosion of the early to mid 80’s on through the vastly successful ‘Van Hagar’ era covering every album and tour and even the Gary Cherone fronted VH III era.

I always enjoyed shooting Van Halen, from a photographer’s perspective they always gave you something and the many studio shoots always generated a lot of laughter and good memories. The book also contains a really great foreword from Tony Iommi. You can order a copy now.”

Click here to see the photos that Ross Halfin posted on his Instagram account, and here to check out the ‘Edward Van Halen by Ross Halfin’ book.