During a recent interview with Marc Maron from the podcast called WTF, Van Halen star David Lee Roth has shared an untold details about the parents of Van Halen brothers.

He also mentioned about the environment which Eddie Van Halen was grew up, and described it as ‘horrifying racist environment’.Here’s the story:

“I’m not Jimmy Buffett. Neither are the Van Halens. The Van Halens, full disclosure, this is a fun interview. This is a lot of stuff I don’t usually talk about. The Van Halen’s mother was Indonesian; their father was Dutch. That miscegenation in the 1950’s in the United States, that’s the equivalent of a black man marrying a white sorority girl in Tennessee or Rutherford, Mississippi in 1958.

I brought this up during some press interviews in Holland recently to some fellas who were old enough to remember those days and everybody looks away. And everybody doesn’t make eye contact cause that’s a par-tide. It was a big deal. And those homeboys grew up in a horrifying racist environment to where they actually had to leave the country.

That kind of shit, now you’re hearing conflict.”

Marc asked ‘So they started in Holland? The Van Halen guys were born in Holland?’, Roth responded:

“Yeah, outside the big city. Their father was a traveling musician in the days when you would make less than nothing, you owe. And he was married to an Indonesian lady which is, woah. And the brothers- what’s your favorite Cher song? ‘Half breed.’ How many times did they hear that?

Then they came to America and did not speak English as a first language in the early 60’s. Wow. So that kind of sparking; that kind of stuff, that runs deep. You want a finely crafted Japanese Samurai sword? It comes from the hottest flame and there’s a lot of burns and missing fingers among the grand masters.”

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