Rotting Christ frontman Sakis Tolis spoke in an interview with Impact and revealed what he feels when he listening to his own music.

Here’s the statement:

I don’t listen to my own music. Of course, I listen sometimes, but usually I don’t because I feel like I did that [already]. For instance, for the new album, I was working on it for more than a year. I listened to the songs more than one thousand times. As long as they are done, I’m okay.

You must find yourself every night [when performing live]. I must find myself. I have to have a kind of meditation of where I am, why am I here? It’s not that easy to do that, to pick up your mind and go straight to the stage. I’m the person that is responsible, so when someone pays for a ticket, I would like to do my best.”

He also talked about his artistic evolution and said:

“I think as a person, I’m quite a creative person. I always wanted to have step-ups in my life and creativity. I have the same friends, I have the same social life. When I step out to talk about art, it’s like I would like to take a step-up. I try, at least to not be stable.

I would like to provide new [sounds], expand and experiment a lot with my music and sometimes people accept it, sometimes not. We’re always here and we’re trying to open some new doors in the metal [scene].”

Rotting Christ’s latest album “Rituals” was released in 2016. Their new album “The Heretics” will be released in February 2019.

Click here to entire interview via Blabbermouth. You can watch it from below.

Listen to their latest single track “Fire, God and Fear” below.