Quiet Riot’s Rudy Sarzo recently appeared on SiriusXM’s Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk to give some good news to the longtime fans of the band. He revealed that he will reunite with Quiet Riot after many years as the band’s late founding member and drummer Frankie Banali wanted them to get back together.

As you probably know, Quiet Riot had been through many hiatuses and line-up changes but the fans have always wanted to listen to the members of the ‘Metal Health’ era who are Kevin DuBrow as the lead vocalist, Carlos Cavazo as the guitarist, Rudy Sarzo as the bassist, and Frankie Banali as the drummer.

However, their wish couldn’t come true after DuBrow died from an overdose in 2007, and Frankie Banali passed away due to stage-IV pancreatic cancer in 2020. In his recent interview, Rudy Sarzo revealed that he is still sad and devastated by the death of his longtime friend and bandmate Banali.

Also, Sarzo recalled his last wish saying that Banali wanted a founding member in Quiet Riot. So he will reunite with the band in 2022 as their bassist after eighteen years to honor his friend’s memory and celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of his joining the band. He defined his return as ‘coming home.’

In Sarzo’s words, he said:

I am returning home, going home to Quiet Riot at the beginning of 2022. Next year marks 50 years of my journey with Quiet Riot because that’s when I met and I started playing with Frankie Banali, another founding member of the ‘Metal Health’ version of Quiet Riot. To me, that was a turning point as a musician.

After Frankie told me in 2019 that he had pancreatic cancer, and then he started his fight, it was a daily fight. I mean, he would be taking multiple treatments to fight it, and he would be touring. And so it was really an exhausting thing. So we stopped kind of hanging out as much because, obviously, he was too tired. So we would text each other a lot, every day, and stay in touch.”

He went on:

“He let me know in April of 2019 that he was diagnosed with cancer, and COVID happened in 2020. That really made it impossible for me to be in his presence. It wasn’t until a couple of days before he passed away that I was able to go to his house. Regina requested it, and I spent time with him. Then, the following day, when he was taken to the hospital, Regina made it possible for me to be with Frankie for his last hours.

So, after Frankie passed away, I went over to Regina’s house, and we talked, and she expressed to me that Frankie wanted me to come back to the band, that he wanted to have a founding member there in the band. So, we talked about that.

I was already traumatized by Frankie’s passing, so it was a decision that I had to take a lot of time to think about it — let the mourning period. I had to do that. So, the time came when I was ready to accept the reality, that it’s our responsibility, of us left behind, to carry on with the legacy and celebrate it. So that’s when I decided. I said, ‘Okay, it’s time for me to come home.'”

Consequently, Quiet Riot’s legendary bassist Rudy Sarzo will return to his home in 2022 to make the band’s late drummer Frankie Banali’s last wish come true. This decision has made the longtime fans of the metal band very excited and happy.