Quiet Riot bass guitarist Rudy Sarzo revealed the common point between Randy Rhoads and Jimi Hendrix’s careers during a recent appearance on Rockin’ Metal Revival.

In a conversation he joined, Rudy Sarzo talked about the story of how Randy Rhoads joined Ozzy Osbourne’s band. According to Rudy, Randy’s mother convinced him to leave the United States and to join Osbourne’s band by moving to England.

Sarzo stated that after Randy arrived in England, he asked Osbourne what he wants him to play, but Ozzy’s answer was unexpected. Ozzy wanted him to be himself and play as what he felt for his debut record, ‘Blizzard Of Ozz.’

Furthermore, Rudy pointed out that Ozzy already had a deal with the record company, so Randy had the freedom to play whatever he likes. According to Rudy, they couldn’t have such a record in Los Angeles because England was the perfect place for it.

During the interview, Sarzo resembled Rhoads’ story to what Jimi Hendrix had to do in his career. To make a name for himself, Hendrix also decided to leave New York and he moved to London, which was quite a similar move that Randy did in his career.

Rudy Sarzo on Randy Rhoads’s career and how it’s similar to Jimi Hendrix:

“His mom told him, ‘Hey listen, opportunities like this don’t come around all the time.’ So she actually gave him the advice to actually leave L.A. and join Ozzy so he could actually make something of himself. And he sure did.

So when he joined Ozzy, he asked, ‘Ozzy, what do you want me to play? How do you want me to write? What direction do you want to go?’ And Ozzy said, ‘Man, just be yourself.’ Which is something that Randy did not have.

That opportunity was Quiet Riot and they were pretty much boxed into what the labels were looking for in L.A. And then with Ozzy, he already had a record deal, so it was more of like, ‘Let’s do it, let’s just make some good music.'”

He continued:

“And that’s when Randy was able to dig into his love for classical guitar. He played acoustic classical guitar before he actually played electric, so he was really rooted in that, and a lot of musical education he comes from a family of music educators.

His mom had opened up a music school, and Randy was a teacher there, so he was very educated as far as compositions and being able to play the right things, and having musical tastes, and all of that, choices of notes to play.

So what happened is that Randy was able to do that in England, he could have never written a record like  ‘Blizzard’ at that time in Los Angeles. No, it was impossible! So in England he could, that was the perfect place. Kind of like Hendrix – Hendrix had to leave New York to go to London and become Jimi Hendrix. Well, the same thing with Randy.”

You can check out the interview below.