Quiet Riot bassist Rudy Sarzo recently joined The Rock N’ Roll & Coffee Show for an interview during which he talked about the new wave band he formed following Randy Rhoads‘ departure.

In 1977, Sarzo watched Quiet Riot perform at the Starwood and formed a friendship with the band’s vocalist Kevin DuBrow. In the fall of that year, he then moved to New Jersey and joined his brother Robert in a band named A New Taste. Later on, DuBrow called him and asked him to fly to LA and audition for Quiet Riot.

The next day, Sarzo landed in LA and rehearsed with Quiet Riot. Later on, he joined the band as Kelly Garni’s replacement. Shortly after Sarzo joined the band, Randy Rhoads decided to leave after accepting an offer to form a band with Ozzy Osbourne. Quiet Riot then played a farewell show on October 2, 1979.

After Quiet Riot’s disbandment, Sarzo joined the ‘Private Army’ band alongside his longtime friend Frankie Banali and Montrose singer Bob James. In the interview with The Rock N’ Roll & Coffee Show, Sarzo said that this was a failed effort of hard rock guys trying to play new wave music.

Sarzo then stated that he’s not interested in making new wave music, as it didn’t suit their musical approach that much. The musician also added that he loves new wave music as a musician, but it’s not who he is. 

During the conversation, Rudy Sarzo recalled the following about his new wave band:

“Quiet Riot ceased to exist, and I put together a band with Frankie. It didn’t do anything, because it was basically hard rock guys trying to play new wave music. We cut our hair shorter, and that was it. I mean, if you played this, you’re not gonna eat [laughs] ‘So, okay, I gotta eat!’

The clock is ticking, and I’m getting older. It just took the band to say ‘No, this is not me. I’m not a new wave dude.’ I love new wave music, you know, but it’s not who I am. I love music; I’m a musician. It’s like vegetables — I’m sure that all the vegetables get along together, but the broccoli has to know ‘Hey I’m a broccoli!’ I am [that] broccoli. [laughs]”

You can watch the full interview below.