During a recent interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Rudy Sarzo looked back on his tenure with Black Sabbath icon Ozzy Osbourne. The musician especially reflected on the infamous dove incident and finally revealed what happened to the second dove.

While Ozzy Osbourne has many unpleasant stories involving killing animals, his notorious dove incident may be one of the worst ones. Back in 1981, Osbourne attended a meeting of CBS Record executives, and his plan was to end the session by releasing two white doves into the air as a symbol of peace.

The Prince of Darkness got bored and couldn’t pay attention, and the label’s public relations representative kept getting more annoying as Osbourne continued getting more drunk. To stress his presence at the meeting, Osbourne decided to chomp down on one of the doves’ heads and spit the head out on the table.

Naturally, his actions left the PR woman next to him and the rest of the people at the meeting quite speechless. That moment still remains to be one of the most shocking and unbelievable stories in Ozzy Osbourne’s music career. However, many fans were curious to know what happened to the second dove, which remained a mystery until now.

Fortunately for those wondering about that other white dove, Rudy Sarzo recently talked about when he witnessed the fate of the poor animal. Apparently, the musician was staying at Sharon’s family house, where he came across Osbourne right after the dove incident.

As they were chatting, Sarzo saw something moving inside Osbourne’s pocket. It turned out that the other bird was in his pocket that whole time which meant that the dove could’ve been free after all the drama. However, the Black Sabbath icon decided to bite the head off that dove too, which left Sarzo grossed out.

When asked about the second dove, Sarso said:

“When I joined the band, I went from sleeping on a floor to staying with them. And ‘them’ is the Arden family, Sharon’s family, who owned the management company and all that. They had a beautiful estate that was built by Howard Hughes for Jane Russell up in the Beverly Hills area. It was a compound. They gave me a bungalow to stay there.

So, I was hanging out and waiting to do the rehearsals, and I bump into Ozzy and he tell me the whole dove story that had just happened. And as we were talking, I see that his jacket is flapping. I go, ‘What’s that?’ And he puts his hand in his pocket, pulls out another bird, looks at it, and he just goes and bites the head off again, right in front of me! I gross out, and he just laughs and keeps walking.”

Although Ozzy Osbourne has a long history of harming animals, including the time he bit the head off a bat on stage, shot numerous cats in their houses, and many more, he has recently been candid about not hurting animals. The musician even had a campaign with PETA to prove to his fans how much he has changed.