Quiet Riot bass guitarist Rudy Sarzo appeared as a guest on Friday Night FeedBack and talked about his time back in Ozzy Osbourne’s band by revealing that many drummers rejected working with them when he joined.

In his long-lasting career, the famous bassist Rudy Sarzo has worked with Whitesnake, Ozzy Osbourne, Dio, and Blue Öyster Cult, but he is mainly known for his work with Quiet Riot. Sarzo left Quiet Riot a few times, but he returned every time. Last summer, he had announced that he would be rejoining Quiet Riot after 18 years of break.

Rudy Sarzo started working with Ozzy Osbourne in 1981, and he contributed to the recording of two live albums. When Sarzo’s close friend Randy Rhoads passed away in 1982, he also left Osbourne, thinking he had no reason to continue. During the conversation, Sarzo looked back at his time with Ozzy and revealed how he joined the band.

Rudy stated that Ozzy’s band lacked a drummer for a long time, so they weren’t a complete band. He said that many drummers turned down working with Ozzy Osbourne, which made it difficult to focus on recording. They were just writing the songs but didn’t have the full band until he joined the band after his late friend Randy’s recommendation and said he was the one they were searching for.

Rudy revealed the following about his time with Ozzy Osbourne:

“Let’s see – I joined Quiet Riot in 1978, and then Randy left the band, he joined Ozzy, so Randy and Ozzy started making that record. Actually, Randy left in ’79 but very late in ’79, and I don’t believe that they had a complete band immediately.

So from what Randy told me – and I say because I wasn’t there, so I had to rely on the information he related to me – was that they started working with Bob Daisley at a very early stage of the band’s formation.

So I would say probably because of the holidays coming in November, which is when Randy left, I would say probably they started working with Bob Daisley at the very early of 1980 – from the information that Randy gave me.”

He went on to say:

“But they were without a drummer for a long time. They asked a lot of drummers who turned down the gig. They got Lee Kerslake, and that’s when they started working on the records, talking about really putting it together. Because they were writing music, but without a drummer, you just have ideas, basically, and it doesn’t come together, so you have the complete band. And that was the course of 1980 to early ’81.

And then I joined the band in April by Randy’s recommendation, that I was the guy that they were looking for. Fortunately, they were looking for a bass player in L.A. because, in any other city, they would have gone to with somebody else. They had to find one within a matter of a couple of days and had to have certain qualifications, which Randy told them that I had and that I could be the guy that they’re looking for.”

You can watch the entire conversation below.