Darryl McDaniels recently joined AXS TV’s Katie Daryl for an interview and stated that Sebastian Bach creates phenomenal musical efforts during the recording sessions in the studio.

Previously, Darryl McDaniels thrilled his fans by announcing a new vinyl EP featuring collaborations with various successful artists. The musician also expressed his excitement about working with these musicians on this project.

This EP includes songs DMC worked on with Sammy Hagar and Joan Jett. For the EP’s single ‘She Gets Me High,’ the musician is accompanied by Sebastian Bach on vocals, Mick Mars on guitar, Travis Barker on drums, and Duff McKagan on bass.

Speaking to AXS TV, McDaniels revealed that he started this project with Sebastian Bach. He then praised Bach’s musicianship by calling him a wizard. The musician also argued Bach was phenomenal in the studio and recalled his brilliant ‘Phantom Of The Opera’ performance.

Moreover, DMC stated the other musicians he worked with on the EP joined after learning he was working with Sebastian Bach on this project. He then claimed they were like happy little kids and the project resulted in a massive collaborative effort.

During the conversation, Darryl McDaniels said the following:

“Well, it’s funny how everything came about. It started with just me and Sebastian. He’s fantastic; he’s a wizard. He’s phenomenal in the studio. People forget he did ‘Phantom Of The Opera’ on Broadway. He nailed it! So, Sebastian is brilliant.

But what had happened was, ‘Hey, DMC, what are you up to?’ ‘Oh, Sebastian and I are doing this.’ And every artist, or every musician, every creative person that heard it went, ‘Oh, oh! Can I come and play?’ like little kids. ‘Oh, I want to play!’ So, it went from Sebastian and me to Joan Jett, Sammy Hagar, and everybody.”

You can watch the rest of the interview below.