Runaways’ lead guitarist Lita Ford posted an exciting photo of herself on her verified Twitter page, and she announced her new album with the singer Doro and the guitarist Gary Hoey.

Lita Ford earned her fame in 1989 with the song ‘Close My Eyes Forever,’ in which she collaborated with Ozzy Osbourne, and this duet was the most successful move in her career.

Lita Ford shared an exciting photo from the recording studio. She also detailed that the album will be released in 2020 with these special artists. Also, the album produced by Gary Hoey.

Here’s the announcement of Lita Ford:

“Looking forward to 2020! New album with Gary Hoey producing and special guest DORO on a S.A.F. duet. I wish you all a happy holiday season and we will see you in 2020.”

Her fans get hyped after this unexpected announcement.

A fan named abbykonbass commented and said this:

“I am excited to hear this!”

Another Twitter user named petterssonj96 wrote this:

“Supercool. Looking forward to this.”

Check out the tweet below.