Geddy Lee, the lead vocalist, bassist, and keyboardist for Rush, shared a post on his official Instagram page and wrote an emotional message for the guitarist Spencer Davis after he passed away a few days ago.

Spencer Davis, multi-instrumentalist and the founder of The Spencer Davis Group, who had huge hits like Keep On Running and Gimme Some Lovin,’ passed away on 19 October at the age of 81 while being treated for pneumonia in hospital. His agent Bob Birk revealed his cause of death to the BBC. 

Since Davis was an iconic musician and had a great deal of influence, tributes to him have been pouring on social media accounts by his fans and from other musicians.

After this devastating news, Rush frontman Geddy Lee shared a farewell message to the deceased Spencer Davis on his official Instagram page. Lee opened up about an old memory he had when he was just 14 and how he felt listening to Gimme Some Lovin’ and called Spencer Davis great.

Geddy Lee also praised Spencer’s band The Spencer David Group and stated that their iconic songs like I’m a Man and Keep on Running were the songs that built up his early music taste. In the end, Lee thanked Spencer for his great music.

Here is what Lee said about Spencer Davis:

“Last night I heard the sad news that the great Spencer Davis has passed away. It made me recall when as a mere 14-year-old, I first heard that infectious, repeating 2 note bass riff that drew me into that joyous song ‘Gimme Some Lovin.’ It was The Spencer Davis Group, with Stevie Winwood and his brother Muff, playing that groove on his Harmony H-22 Bass.

That song along with ‘I’m a Man,’ ‘Keep on Running’ and so many others made me run out to buy that album as it became a mainstay of my early listening days.

RIP Spencer – you brought so much great music to so many and I thank you.”

You can see the Instagram post below.