One of the biggest musical proud of Canada and known as the lead vocalist and bassist of Rush, Geddy Lee has posted the most iconic stage photo of Pete Way to expose an untold story about the couple while they were touring in the late ’70s.

While adding his name to the stars that unveils little-known stories about Pete Way, Geddy exposed a rare conversation that Pete Way mocks his bass sound by calling the most of it is ‘not very nice’ at all.

Geddy also said that he had a bunch of hilarious moments while they were touring with UFO and Pete in 1977 that he called Pete as a true rock & roll character as well. Unfortunately, Pete has passed from this world this week due to his long-time struggle after having a deadly injury.

Here is the letter of Rush frontman to Pete Way:

“Sad to read today about the passing of Pete Way…
I have so many fond and hilarious memories of touring with Pete and UFO back in the late ’70s.

A true rock and roll character always ‘takin’ the piss’ as they would say in his homeland. I once asked him about his bass sound and he said, ‘Well, Glee, it’s uh… 3/4 good, and 1/4… Not very nice!

A funny, energetic, sweet man and a great rock bassist…
R.I.P. Pway.”

You can check out the photo of Pete right below.