During in the recent interview with “Q” podcast, Rush frontman Geddy Lee remembered the time when he did an interview with Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones and former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman.

He said that ‘John Paul Jones was easy; but sitting down with Bill at first was a bit nervous’.

Here’s the statement:

“I’d met John Paul Jones before, and I knew he was a lovely guy, so he was really a pleasure. He was easy. We already had a sort of the beginnings of a rapport, so he was just a pure joy. But sitting down with Bill at first was a bit nervous, yeah. I was a bit tight.

And then, of course, he put me at ease, ’cause he’s a great raconteur and told all kinds of stories about his life. I mean, that interview could have been 25 pages easily. And some of the other cats were really fun to talk to. The more [interviews] I did, the more fun I was having doing it. I sort of got into the gig, so to speak.”

He also talked about definition of perfect bass guitar and revealed how The Beatles changed everything. He said:

“You’ll notice in the book, anything past 1985 is not so interesting to me. But to capture the period and feel, and to understand what it was like in the ’50s to be a bass player and to suddenly see one of these things and to track the evolution of it into the ’60s…

And then you see what happens when The Beatles arrived and all of a sudden, the demand goes through the roof and these companies are grasping for help and the demand far outweighs their ability to keep producing them the same way, so things start to change.

So the whole story of it, to me, is a window into my past, in a way. It’s the story, again, of the development of popular music, to a large degree. So that fascinated me.

You can watch the entire interview from below. Click here to source of the statement.