In a recent article published by Music Radar, Rush frontman and bassist Geddy Lee has shared his favorite bass guitarists.

He also revealed his thoughts about Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones. Here’s the statement:

What a complete musician. He began as keyboard player before picking up the bass. Even before Led Zep, he was one of the most popular studio musicians in London at that time. You’re talking about the London sound! He played on all those Mickie Most records and was an arranger as well.

His role in Zeppelin was a lot more profound that people credit him with. He could play keys, had an ear for arrangements and wrote great bass parts – just listen to what he does on What Is And What Should Never Be.

Full props to John Paul Jones for contributing to my book. We had met before – he’s such a lovely and easy guy to talk to. He made it easy for me as an interviewer; I was on the other side of the table, which was a new gig for me!

He has revealed the untold story about him and said:

He has such amazing stories. I was looking for people that could light on the period of time and were also collectors. I didn’t just pick great bass players, because that’s a list that never ends.

That day when I interviewed him – here in London about a year ago – he sat there fiddling around while we got ready. He played Heartbreaker and everyone in the room stopped talking and moving. It was all about one man on his ’62 Jazz Bass.”

Click here to entire statement via Music Radar. You can listen to the Led Zeppelin’s What Is And What Should Never Be from below.