Speaking in a recent interview with Indie Power, Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson revealed why teenagers don’t listen rock music anymore.

He said that rock music is not their music, they really don’t connect to it at all. Here’s the statement:

“Generations change, tastes change, music changes. I think for a long time, rock music always occupied a certain area, and pop music came up, and it was all sort of related.

Pop music today is not so related – it’s not guitar-based like it was in the past – so it’s really, really different. Like my grandkids, for example – [they are] 15 and 11 – they listen to all the stuff that they listen to; they listen to rap and some pop music. So I get to hear some of it.

Our music is not their music, they really don’t connect to it at all, even in that classic rock sense; they’re just not interested in it. So I don’t know where it’s going.

I just know that I still have a lot of fun playing music. I work with a lot of different people now – very, very different things; a great variety – so that’s what’s really important to me.”

Back in September 2018, Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash spoke in an interview with USA Today and said that rock isn’t mainstream anymore. He said:

Rock isn’t mainstream anymore, and in some ways, I like that. It harks back to when rock ‘n’ roll was more of an underground concept – when people were speaking about things that they weren’t necessarily comfortable saying in the mainstream arena.

As far as hip-hop is concerned, it’s become so generic at this point. It’s definitely taken on a very Top-40 thing.”

You can watch the entire interview from below.