In a conversation with Canada’s National Post, iconic bassist and lead singer of Rush, Geddy Lee, talked about whether they had any plans to record a new album in the near future.

The Canadian musician Geddy Lee has been famously known for being the lead singer, bassist, and keyboardist of Rush. Replacing the bassist and vocalist of the band, Jeff Jones, Geddy Lee achieved a rare success with the band by handling a triple duty.

The members of Rush completed their final tour, ‘R40 Tour,’ back in 2015, which marked the 40th anniversary of their late drummer Neil Peart joining the band. Earlier this year, Peart died from an aggressive form of brain cancer.

Recently, Geddy Lee joined an interview with Canada’s National Post and talked about the possibility of releasing a new record with Rush. Geddy mentioned that even though he had no plans to release new music with Rush at the moment, he might consider working on his solo album, ‘My Favorite Headache,’ previously released in 2000.

Here’s what Lee stated about the possible new album of Rush:

“It’s interesting, I recently re-released my album on vinyl and that forced me to listen to it again. I’m very proud of it — it’s a very intricate record, a deep record, and a lot of love and passion went into it.

It did get me thinking that one day I’d like to take that on the road, so you never know. But I have no firm plans to do anything right now. It’s not a time when one can plan much, so only time will tell if that comes to fruition.”

Additionally, Geddy revealed there weren’t any unreleased Rush songs that worth considering to release and continued:

“There’s actually not much in the vaults. We were a band that used what we wrote and if we didn’t like what we were writing, we stopped writing it.

So there are really no unreleased Rush songs that were worth a damn. Recording our songs was so difficult and ambitious that we didn’t do extra stuff and pick the best.”

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