Rush vocalist and bass guitarist Geddy Lee spoke in a recent interview in his house and talked about the curse of being a Canadian and how it affected the band.

In the conversation, Geddy touched upon the fact that there was no ego between the band members at all since the beginning and revealed that they were so lucky to have such humble personalities.

Furthermore, the iconic musician pointed out that the curse of being a Canadian is being nice and mentioned that they always apologize to each other for every single small mistake.

According to Geddy, this attitude helped the band a lot and said that they have never ganged up on each other. Even though they have made jokes a bit, they felt a little guilty because of that.

Thanks to this great behavior, Geddy said that they build a rock-solid friendship. Also, it leads them to give credit to all the members for every song they released together with Rush.

Geddy Lee said:

“As far back as I remember, I can’t think of a single ego trip that either of my partners ever went on. We just are blessed with nice personalities.

The curse of being Canadian is being nice, right? We always say sorry. So I think that’s helped a lot, frankly, and there’s only three of us, and two against one isn’t fair.

So we never gang up on each other, and when two of us do gang up on the other one, even if it’s in humor, we always feel a little guilty afterward.”

He continued:

“And at the core of it, we share a rock-solid friendship. Early on, we would have these discussions, for example, when someone had written a song – say, Alex and I – only two of the three of the members had written a song, and we had to divide the song for publishing credits and things like that.

And we would get in these conversations about, ‘Well, you wrote that part I wrote this part…’ And it just seemed dumb.

So we made a decision very early on that said, ‘Look, the three of us are working on these songs equally, whether the germ of the idea came for one or two, who cares? They’re a product of the three of us so let’s just agree right now that we will split everything a third, a third, a third, and we never have to talk about it again.’”

You can check out the full interview below.